Gymea Bay Public School

Forever Flourishing

Telephone 02 9524 6852

About our school

Gymea Bay Public School is situated in the midst of suburban homes, a local preschool and a community sporting facility, 27km south of the Sydney central business district.

The school setting is spacious, with room for growth, a mixture of timber and brick facilities and has an array of synthetic surfaces, asphalt and grassed areas for students to engage in physical activities and outdoor learning. 

Mission statement

That every Gymea Bay Public School student is known, valued, cared for and challenged to reach their personal best by high calibre staff creating a culture of success, in a nurturing environment of community support.

The school’s logo of the Gymea Lily, soaring to heights and its motto of 'Forever Flourishing' which means to beforever growing rapidly towards success and thriving in our environment, are embraced in the vision statement.

School pledge

In our hands lie the future of this great land. If we all work together, doing our best for the common good, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

The school's code of behaviour and school values are:

  • Care for yourself - personal values
  • Care for others - social values
  • Care for the school and our world - community values.